Map Example: NJ Land Change Viewer

Each week, I would like to feature a web mapping project/application that goes beyond the simple points-on-a-map example. If you know of a web mapping project that should be featured on the site, please email me at examples [at] Don’t be bashful; if you have or are in the process of developing an innovative web mapping project or application, please send me a link and some details on the project. Share with us your inspiring application and the backstory of its development.

To get things started, I would like to share with you a series of blog posts from my new jersey geographer blog that detail the time spent brainstorming and developing the New Jersey Land Change Viewer. The NJ LCV is an interactive web mapping application that employs animation of the map layers to depict changes to New Jersey’s landscape over a twenty-one year period. I was the sole developer of the project; if it was not for open source software and cloud-based hosting services, I wouldn’t have been able to make the application a reality.

After the project was released, I wrote the following about the experience:

Again, if you are working on a web mapping project or know of a recently released project that should be featured here in depth, please drop me a line at examples at or @reply me on Twitter.