Getting started with programming: CodeAcademy

The interactivity and aesthetics of the modern Web would not be possible without JavaScript. The web runs on JavaScript. JavaScript is also one of the best languages to develop your custom web maps; it’s cross-platform, there’s no cost of entry, and it’s easy to learn.

If you have little to no programming experience, check out CodeAcademy. This site will walk you through basic programming concepts and build your knowledge towards being able to construct awesome JavaScript-driven web sites. If you create a free account on CodeAcademy, it will keep track of your progress; this is recommended as CodeAcademy has plenty to offer.

Mapstraction API

The Mapstraction JavaScript API allows you to easily switch between the leading web map providers for your application. This allows you to code for just one API but tap into the resources and base maps provided by other APIs.

From the Mapstraction site:

Users can switch maps as desired based on personal taste and quality of maps in their local area. Various tools built on top of Mapstraction allow users to easily integrate maps into their own sites, and configure them with different controls, styles, and provider.

One tool they have provided is an API Sandbox, allowing you to view examples of Mapstraction in action, but with the code exposed to you in an editable text box. You can modify the JavaScript and see how your changes will appear in the map below. This is a great benefit to those looking to tinker with the API.

Another resource for learning how to make web maps is Map Scripting 101 by Adam DuVander. The book focuses on Mapstraction, using the API as the primary means of demonstrating JavaScript-based web mapping technology. I have not yet had the chance to read the book, but once I do, I will review it here. In addition to the Map Scripting 101 book, DuVander also provides a simple, concise “Start Here Guide” for those completely new to web mapping. The Guide is freely available through the link above.

I plan to discuss Mapstraction more over the next few posts. With Google’s recent change to their API Terms, many are switching from the Google Maps API and Mapstraction will undoubtably play a role in some users’ transition schemes.