Base Map Sex Appeal

Styled Google base map of Rowan

So many web maps are based on Google Maps, using their basic map tiles. It’s easy to become numb to seeing the same red inverted teardrop markers on the same light, warm colored map tiles. If you’re already working with Google Maps (version 3, of course) you can spice up those base maps with custom rendering rules.

Through the StyledMapType, you can modify Google’s base map tiles to feature different colors and shades for the features represented on the map. There is even a nifty Styled Maps Wizard that can help you create the code that defines the styling rules.

Stamen's Terrain tiles, on Rowan's campus.

If you’ve moved on to more open platforms and are considering using another base map provider, check out the new base maps produced by Stamen. I really like all three styles and while they are essentially your background, they can add an entirely different feel to your web map. They include instructions on incorporating those tiles into ModestMaps, Leaflet, OpenLayers and Google Maps.